Friday, January 18, 2013

Lake Tahoe Skiing

Last weekend Andy and I went skiing at Lake Tahoe. We went to the Sierra at Tahoe ski resort to be exact. Though there are about 10 other ski resorts to chose from! Variety is always nice.

This was my first time skiing on the West Coast and Andy's second time. It was amazing, words can't describe how awesome it was! We spent our whole day in awe. The snow was packed and perfectly groomed, the sun was shining, and overall conditions were great. Beyond great in fact, perfect!

I had fun skiing on the groomed slopes while Andy would take off into the woods to ski the powder (6 fresh inches when we got there), then we'd meet up at the bottom and ride the lift to another slope. Mid-day we took a break at the tiki bar on the back side of the mountain. We enjoyed fish tacos, chips and salsa, and beer. Fish tacos have never tasted so good. And all of this to a reggae soundtrack playing on some loud speakers in the background. Does skiing get any better?

I think we have found the most ideal place to live in the whole world. Amazing skiing and beautiful beaches all within about 3 hours. That, along with laid back people, amazing food, and chill lifestyles. We are really just in awe with the Bay Area.

What are you up to this weekend? I think we plan to head into San Francisco for restaurant week. I can't wait for some amazing food, and at great prices it'll be even better.

This is where we stopped on the way home. Nothing satisfies more than an In-N-Out burger!

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  1. what a life! Glad to hear you're having a blast in Cali!