Wednesday, January 2, 2013

From VA to CA

Last week was a crazy and busy week. Andy was hired by a California solar company a few months ago and has been working remotely with them until we had a chance to move. The holidays gave us a nice large time gap where Andy wasn't working, so we did the big move! Here is a quick rundown of our move from Virginia to California through Instagram pictures.

Our moving truck all loaded up in Virginia. You can't see our car attached to a toeing hitch on the back, but it's there. Our speed topped out at about a whopping 60mph!

 Our first bout of traffic around Pennsylvania. Holiday traffic was horrible.

 Mr. Buckles did so well, he was a trooper. He worked nicely as a lap warmer too. Andy was also a trooper, though you can't tell in this picture. :)

 Mmm, breakfast on the road!

 Christmas morning. I wasn't too thrilled to be on the road, but I was happy to be making progress.
Yeah, I drink coffee through a straw...I'm cool.

 This was our Christmas dinner on the road. We couldn't find any open restaurants for dinner, not even fast-food! The cookies in the bag are peppernuts...have you had them? They are awesome!

 I made this road sign from the Krispy Kreme box while bored on the drive. It got quite snowy.

 We hit some VERY snowy mountains in both Wyoming and Utah.

 We stopped at the Salt Flats in Utah to throw the ball with Mr. Buckles.

The end, the final destination!! Our apartment in Oakland, California. We were so happy to have arrived safe and still in one piece.

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