Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ellie Style - Engagement Party

A little Ellie-Style engagement party post. (Not my engagement, I've been married for 3 whole years believe it or not.) These pictures are from over Christmas, but I got too busy to post them. Anyway, a good friend of ours just got engaged so we celebrated in a classy way. He's a Virginia winemaker, so we were sure to drink some good wine. Everyone was dressed in their fancies while we sipped wine, congratulated the couple, and socialized the night away. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the actual engaged couple themselves.

 Scarf - Korea, blouse - TJ Max, clutch - Etsy vintage, jeans - Gap, shoes - Nine West 
...facial expression in the first picture - oh, don't mind me looking stoned. I need to learn to "smize" like Tyra.

I love gold right now! Just can't get enough. Nail polish, polka dots, spray it all!

 The venue for the party was beautiful! It was at our friend's parents house, who live on the vineyard where he makes wine. The house sits atop a hill, while the vineyard flows out from the house. During the day it is a beautiful Virginia country vineyard view. At night though, this was the best I could do picture wise. Still a beautiful place.

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