Thursday, January 31, 2013

Andy's Haircut...

He was not happy that I wanted a picture of his haircut for the blog. What a trooper!

Andy just got his haircut. Normally I wouldn't have given this a second thought, except for the conversation that went down before he got his hair cut:

Andy: Hey lets work a haircut for me into our weekend plans.

Me: Ok. I'm sure there's a good place around here.

Andy: Yeah, about that...

Me: What? You've never cared about where your hair was cut before.

Andy: Well all the places around here have signs in the windows for weaves. I have one rule, I won't go to a place that advertises weaves.

Me: What?! That's ridiculous.

Andy: Yeah, but I'm telling you, if they advertise doing weaves they will have no idea how to cut a white man's hair. Just saying.

Me: Ahh yes, we are in Oakland now. (Still, how ridiculous!)

So we ended up driving into Berkeley for Andy to get his hair cut. Oh my! He got a great hair cut though. I do love him in short hair. :)

Andy's hair exactly 1-year ago.
Some more of Andy's ridiculous hair 1-year ago.

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