Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Everybody do the limbo! Wait, not that kind of limbo...although as a kid I did have great flexibility and skill where limbo'ing was concerned. But I'm not talking about that kind of limbo. I'm talking about the kind where you are in between things, just hanging, dangling, neither here nor there. Yep, that's me.

A few months ago Andy accepted a job in California. We found renters for our house, I closed my business, we packed all our belongings, told everyone we were leaving...and then we moved to Maryland. Just one state away. How anti climactic! Andy's first project is in Maryland so the company said, well why don't you hold off on moving to Cali. until this east coast project is finished. Bah humbug.

Our hometown in VA.
So I am going on my third month of limbo now. We own a house but don't live in it. I own a chocolate business but don't run it anymore. I have friends and family in VA but don't see them. Well that part isn't completely true. Because of my limbo I do have the time and freedom to drive around to see people and get things done.

Monrovia, MD
I spend my days bouncing between Maryland, my hometown in VA, and my dads house one town over from our hometown. I live out of a suitcase and visit the storage building where our things are kept just so I can gaze at all our belongings. I stand there and think really hard about what I may need for the next few weeks before I make it back to the storage unit. Sometimes I find myself surfing over boxes and digging into bags looking for things I think I need... just to find out that I already have it stored in the trunk of my car. Yep, I'm that person living out of the trunk of my car...you should see it!

So this is my limbo life. I'm trying to make the best of it before we FINALLY move.

Dad's house, Cville VA.

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