Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lunar New Year

Ahh the Chinese/Lunar Year is upon us! Last year at this time Andy and I were in Taiwan. We stood on our fifth floor balcony watching fireworks and neighbors light their incense and place it in the street. There was an electricity in the air as families gathered, special foods were consumed, and the promise of the new year made everyone feel fresh and new.

I can't say that we have had a very similar experience this year. Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Washington DC has been fairly tame. We were invited to a Japanese dinner one night, and a Vietnamese food party the next night. It was wonderful to celebrate with friends and enjoy some good food. The excitement of experiencing this Asian holiday in another culture was missing though.

I feel like the Lunar New Year is my second chance at a new year for 2011. New Years eve and January 1st crept in far too quickly for me to realize. I didn't acknowledge the new year or even make resolutions. Life continued, I got stressed, took things too seriously, and it all resulted in me getting sick. I got the flu, which turned into a cough, which then turned into a cold. So this Lunar New Year I am resolving to take life less seriously! Here's to a year of fun and hopefully adventure!

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