Monday, April 12, 2010

Stories of the ghetto

Our neighbors (downstairs) seem to have gotten a new sound system. Now they like to blast rap music with a turned up base. Lovely... Our windows add to the noise as they vibrate with each 'boom boom' of the base. And on top of that, they won't turn it down to talk to each other, so they yell over the music.

A few nights ago we were sitting on our couch and outside we heard a loud 'bang'! Andy looked at me and very quietly and asked, "do you think that was a gun shot?".

Last night right as we went to bed we heard some loud banging downstairs. I don't know who it was and why they were banging but it continued for a while. Eventually I fell asleep. Then this morning I went out our door (the second door to the outside) and noticed some marks on the door. It looked like someone had tried to pry the door open with a crow bar. Luckily they did not succeed. Hmm, a little scary though!

The little neighbor kids who live behind our house love to play with the empty shopping carts in our yard. When we come home they are always playing with those carts just having the time of their lives. It is a funny sight to watch, but it's great how such a simple thing is so much entertainment for them.

More stories as they come... Oh, and good news! We are moving to a different place in July, phew! It should be a little less ghetto. :)

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