Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm sitting on the couch, snuggling with my wonderful husband, eating olives and watching movies. Wonderful Sunday...aside from a little thing called bronchitis.

I have been sick for four days now. My fever has persisted, and when I cough I feel like my intestines are coming out, so Andy decided it was time we go to the doctor. He went out into our neighborhood in search of a doctor and came back quite quickly. He happily reported that there was a hospital only three blocks away and that the doctor spoke some english.

So I put on some decent clothes and we set out to the hospital. When we got there we were seen right away. The doctor did in fact speak some english and ordered me to have a chest x-ray to see if my sickness might be pneumonia. When the x-ray lady came to get me she smiled and said, "come with me little baby". I'm not sure if she was trying to make a joke, or just didn't speak proper english. In the end, the doctor said that I had bronchitis and that he would get me the proper medication to make me better.

Our visit to the Taiwanese ER took under an hour. In that time they took down my information, the doctor saw me, I was given a chest x-ray, diagnosed, and given medications. Everything and everyone was so efficient, and the total cost of everything including my prescriptions was $30. I am so impressed! Not only are Andy and I not from here, but we don't have health insurance either. No problem though, the health care here is fast, easy, and affordable. I love Asia!

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  1. Glad that it was quick, easy, & cheap. Boy, could this country learn something from them...!