Friday, February 5, 2010

The black lung!

I've got the black lung! Well...not really, but close. In the last two days I have come down with some sort of sickness. It involves pain in my lung area, lots of coughing, a fever, and my voice has successfully lowered a few octaves. I now talk like a man, lovely.

It is strange though, because this same thing happened to me last year upon arriving in Korea. About three weeks after I arrived in Korea, I came down with these exact same symptoms. At that time I had the same problem with my voice as well, it lowered a few octaves. After I got over the sickness though, my voice stayed the same lower pitch. It never actually went back to normal until I moved back to the States.

This makes me think that it must be something in the air. Pollution maybe? I guess this is Asia's way of welcoming me back. Now my lungs have to get adjusted all over again, I just hope my voice goes back to normal this time.

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