Monday, November 9, 2009

Cathy & David

Cathy and David...(quite possibly the only readers of this blog), did not like the picture I posted of them in my last entry. So I am going to post another picture in hopes of their approval. :) For those of you who do not know these two trouble makers, they are wonderful people and great friends of mine. We all became friends during my senior year at EMU. Then we went on to live together (in one room) in the hair house, and now again in a group house in DC.

Cathy is a lot like me in more ways than I can name. She is also half Korean (which we talk about a lot because I lived in Korea for a year), she loves avocados, hand wipes, and talking. David is Cathy's boyfriend and also a good friend of mine. He has a beautiful voice (it once lulled me to sleep), he plays a variety of instruments, loves sarcasm, and is a blossoming photographer.

I love them both! Here is a better picture of my lovely friends.

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