Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun!

Well, it has been a while. I keep meaning to write in this blog, but haven't been able to bring myself to it. It is currently 12pm on Thursday, October 1st. Happy October! I am at home (in DC) watching my neighbors decorate their house for funny.

So a lot has happened in the last month, and yet not much has happened at the same time. I looked for a job and had many interviews. Some of the jobs seemed like long-term keepers, while others had short-term potential. I followed up, I went for second interviews, I submitted resumes, I filled out applications...but did not find a job. It was frustrating to say the least. Finally my boyfriend, Andy, convinced me not to get a job but instead to backpack around South Africa with him and his cousin. I gave it some though, checked my savings account, and took the leap! So I am now a proud owner of a round-trip plane ticket to Africa for a month and a half. I leave November 9th.

I randomly decided to go to Africa...what else is new eh? Right as I bought my plane ticket to Africa though, surprisingly I was offered a job. Figures! So I gritted my teeth and turned down the job offer. Since then, I have been trying to volunteer at different non-profits that my friends here in DC work for. That has been fun and rewarding, so despite not having a job I have been trying to be somewhat productive with my time. I've also been working on some photography projects and such.

Other than my "working" life, I have been having a great time. I've been hanging out with lots of good people, getting to know some new people, enjoying the sights and sounds of my neighborhood, having fun in DC, and cooking awesome meals. I even have a friend with connections who was able to get me a ticket into a screening of Michael Moore's new film, "Capitalism, A Love Story" including a Q&A with Moore himself afterwords and an exclusive party. It was pretty awesome to say the least!

A huge part of my life these days is also Andy. Our relationship is blossoming and everyday I am discovering just what a great person he is. Even though we grew up together, there is a lot about him that I didn't know. He has changed a lot and I am pleasantly surprised to realize more and more how perfect we are together. We compliment each others personalities, inspire each other, want the same adventures in life, have the same lifestyle...and so many other things. :) It has been fun to spend time with him. We cook a lot of our meals together, he takes me on motorcycle rides, we go hiking, we go on dates, he buys me flowers (wow!) and writes me sweet notes, we talk about travel and's been great! I am so happy to be with Andy, and I am excited to see what else develops.

So that's what I've been up to in the last month!

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