Saturday, October 24, 2009

Packin up and movin out

It is already the end of October and I don't know where this month has gone! In fact, since I moved to DC over two months ago, time has gone by so fast. So fast in fact, that my time here is up. I am about to enter my last week here, then it's home for a week, and finally it's off to South Africa!

The last two weeks have been a whirl wind. Andy quit his job two weeks ago so that he could pack things up, visit people, and say goodbye before he left. We had a fall party and a Thanksgiving party, we went out on the town, we visited friends close, far and in-between, we talked about life, and we made plans. It was a wonderful time!

Since then, Andy's cousin, Julie came to DC and soon after her arrival they left for South Africa. Another roomate also left for Ireland, so the house has been empty and quiet lately. Unlike my life here is DC, which has been wild and life changing to say the least. I've learned a lot, gained some good friends, and progressed quite quickly into a steady, wonderful relationship with an old childhood friend of mine. But now this small chapter of my life is coming to an end.

I am packing up what is left of Andy's and my room, and next week I will move home to Charlottesville for a week. Then I will start my two day journey to South Africa. There, I will be staying with some old friends until I meet up with Andy and Julie. Once we meet up anything could happen! :) We haven't made many specific plans, so we'll see where the wind takes us and what adventures we happen to fall upon.

Life continues to surprise and amaze me!

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