Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ellie-Style (Maternity Black-Tie Wedding)

Back when I was only about 3 months pregnant I started thinking about my dear friends' black-tie wedding that would be taking place when I should be about 30-weeks pregnant. It was a daunting thing to think about because 1.) I wasn't showing yet, 2.) It was so far off, and 3.) I was still feeling like crap and couldn't imagine dressing up for a formal wedding. No matter, I was determined to tackle the issue before it became a last minute scramble before the wedding.

Luckily, my advanced planning paid off! In the early months of my pregnancy I was all about buying maternity clothes on sale from the last season. In the winter, everything from last summer was on super sale, so I got some really good deals and now I have a closet full of maternity summer dresses that I can wear without having ever broken the bank. Once place that I found to have great dress sales was That is where I found this awesome dress.

The dress was originally $100 something, but I bought it on sale for about $30. (Go me!) When it arrived I tried it on and it did not fit. At only 3-months pregnant I didn't have the belly or boobs to fill it out yet. I kept the dress anyway on the gamble that it would fit by 30-weeks. I tried the dress on one week before the wedding and it fit perfectly! Now I don't know if that is just good luck, or actually amazing planning and foresight.

The wedding was a blast and I received far more complements than I could have ever imagined! (Gay guy friend: "I think you know you look good. Can I just say, your boobs look incredible!") My body has never been this curvaceous, so while it is taking some getting used to, I definitely appreciate the complements. (People know how to make a pregnant lady feel good.) Really though, all the credit goes to this amazing dress that brought out my curves so perfectly.

{Dress is from, shoes are vera wang from Kohl's, clutch was thrifted, necklace was a gift}

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