Monday, January 26, 2015


Woo, so here I am 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant! This will be the first thing that I write about my pregnancy...other than conceiving. I want to be sure to write everything down, I don't want to forget this experience.

When I was a little girl I desperately wanted to have my own babies, then as a teenager I went through a phase where I "hated kids", but secretly in the back of my mind I was still interesting in having a baby of my own. Once I got married I figured it could happen anytime. Then I settled into marriage and started to enjoy the independence that Andy and I had being a couple with no children. It was really nice and we've definitely taken advantage of 5 years of marriage with no kids. We've traveled, moved (a lot!) took spontaneous trips, rode Andy's motorcycle all over Washington DC, dined in fancy restaurants, bought a fixer-upper house and renovated the whole thing ourselves, stayed up late drinking and dancing, frolicked outside in the nude far more times than I even care to mention, gambled in casinos, rode in the back of trucks, lived on the east coast and the west coast, bungee jumped in South Africa, sky dived for my 30th birthday...and the adventures go on. Married life without kids has been awesome! But, life is ever evolving.

So here I am at the very beginning of pregnancy. I am experiencing this all for the first time and it is both wonderful and scary. Andy and I tried for one month (one month!!), and here we are pregnant already! I keep thinking my period will come, but instead of 'aunt flo' I've got bloating, cramps, and boobs oh so sore that wearing a bra is almost unbearable. Also, my hips hurt, can that be possible? There is a never ending ache that comes from my lower back and settles into my hips. Did I mention the insomnia, when will I sleep again? I figured at least I would get great sleep until the baby comes, but my body apparently thinks differently.

Growing a child is truly an amazing thing. Despite feeling uncomfortable already, I am constantly in awe of what my body is doing. Here's to the next 8 months and a crazy life changing experience!

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