Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So...last week I was boasting about my job at an art store/gallery and how it was motivating me to do art again (first time in 4-years!), well I quit that job. Yep, I did. While it was inspirational in helping me pick art back up, it never felt like a real fit for me. Does that make sense? That it just didn't feel right? Maybe it was my lack of actual art supplies knowledge, maybe it was the fact that it was owned by a young couple close to my age, maybe I just wasn't into retail (this was my first time in retail). Who knows what it was, but I never felt right there.

I hate quitting a job. I really hate it, it makes me anxious, I feel like I am letting people down. At the end of the day though, I had to sit down with myself and figure out what was right for me. I dislike being unemployed, but I also dislike staying at a job that doesn't feel like the right fit. I tell you, our generation, what is it generation-Y, has some real issues. So much for doing what our parents did and sticking with the same job, or rather "career" for 20+ years. Why couldn't I have been raised with that mentality?? Most days I wish that I was. I hate the employment freedom that I have. Yes, it is a privilege, yes I am lucky, but some days I wish it were more black and white.

Well enough of my rant. Luckily enough for me, I have stumbled upon another job! (A rare sentence for me, especially since it has taken me 6+ months in the past to find a job.) I have been hoping to acquire a cna certification and while asking around about trainings I was offered a job! One place that I was getting information from had me fill out an application on the spot, then they did an impromptu interview with me. I figured hey, if I was hired I would get the training that I want and I'd be paid for it. Now that is a win/win situation! Eventually they called me and offered me the job. How cool! That is the simplest process I have EVER been through to get a job. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this job! Not only do I get the training that I want, but the job is in the helping-people realm which I already know that I love.

While it sucks to be hired, just to quit a few months later, I feel like things happen for a reason. I had to have the art store job in order to get this home health care job. It is funny and strange how things work out, but they DO work out. So here I am getting ready for changes yet again. I feel like my 20s have been one big box of changes, but hey it's life eh?

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