Friday, September 13, 2013

List of Realizations

Since turning 29 last week I have had a good amount of time to ponder my years on this earth and how I have changed. I feel like each year that I grow older I start to like new foods and realize new things about myself. Here is a list of my realizations since turning 29:

-I love beets now, yum how come I never ate them before!
-The older I get, the more introverted I feel. I would say I am 60/40 introverted to extroverted.
-I never cared about having a "career" before, but now I am super driven to do so.
-I don't want to have babies until I am settled into a solid career that I love...could be a while.
-I like seafood.
-I am 50/50 on having children. I think I'd be ok not having them.
-Photography is still my favorite hobby...has been since I was about 12.
-I LOVE to cook!
-I am a huge health fanatic.
-I enjoy driving a truck, yeah I'm from Virginia!
-I have vegetarian tendencies.
-I get wanderlust about every 3 months and become very restless.
-I love house renovations, repairs, and painting projects.
-Jogging isn't so bad.
-The older I get the more obsessive compulsive I become about having a clean house.
-I hate doing my hair.
-I feel very driven to help people and put forward my kindest face.
-I love the look of high heels, but I just can't wear them.
-I love LOVE Virginia humidity!
-Helping old ladies with their groceries makes me immensely happy.
-I am still horrible at spelling.

That is my list for now. We'll see how things have changed by this time next year...or if they change at all.


  1. Ellie! I just love reading your posts and have often meant to leave a comment but have been on the move or just didn't have a second to forumlate a sentence. You are so articulate in what you write, so real, full of honest revelations, adventure and humour. I think I should take a leaf out of your book and do my own list of 29 year revelations (my birthday was in August). Love from Rachel Tinahy (was McKee, we met in Italy with Heather and my twinsister who's currently globe trotting with her husband in Australia) : D

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment Rachel! :) It is great to hear from you. I often think back to our Europe adventure and meeting you guys.