Monday, September 23, 2013

Etsy Curiosities

It has been a while since I've done an Etsy Curiosities post, so I figured I was long overdue. Sometimes I love to surf the etsy website just to see what I can see. Most of the stuff on etsy is really creative, beautiful, and original. I usually want most of it. Some of the things I stumble upon though, are just strange and curious. I'll share some of those things with you:

Jean sandal shoes, can't say these are a pair that I would wear. Find them here.

A vintage glass prosthetic eyeball, because why not? Find it here.

Finger charms, to be made into earrings I guess? Find them here.

A fluorescent rhino with black feet, kinda cool actually. Find it here.

Nose flute, suggested to be played with the ukulele. Find it here.

Last but not least, "original" fashion photography. Find it here.

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