Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Inspiration: iphone Photography Awards

Have you heard of the IPPA's? I had no idea this has been happening for the last few years until someone recently sent me a link to this years awards. But seriously, how cool! I have not yet joined the iphone worshiping clan of people, but the day that I do I will surely have to enter this contest. It just amazes me what cool things we can do with our phones now. I only just converted to a smart phone a year ago and since then I have been using it for everything! The camera on my smart phone is simple with much to be desired, but hey it works. I think the day that my phone starts taking great pictures is the day that I no longer carry my large DSLR in my purse. (Seriously, that thing is heavy!) Anyway, enjoy these cool iphone photos and check out the contest website for even more.

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  1. I searched "redneck wardrobe" in google for a wardrobe in a movie where I play a redneck. found your blog by accident and spent an hour reading it! LOL Have a great day! You put several smiles on my face and I needed it! :)
    William DeCoff