Monday, August 26, 2013

Adjustment Period... we are all moved back to Virginia, done with summer trips, living in our house again, and settling into life like we never left. It is a good feeling. We are living where we want to be living, enjoying time with our good friends, and Andy is starting his dream business. So that leaves me... What am I up to and how am I feeling?

(Happy to be enjoying the Virginia mountains with friends.)
Let me tell you, for the most part I am immensely happy to be back in Virginia. Yesterday around 5pm the sky got very dark and foreboding, then the thunder starting rolling in the distance. I wondered to myself if we were going to get a big storm, then in my California mindset I told myself not to be silly, that it would probably only be a few sprinkles of rain. To my most happy, wonderful, pleasant surprise, the sky opened up and it poured. I mean POURED! I almost ran outside and did a rain dance, but instead I contented myself with enjoying the storm from the open front door. It was magnificent! Gosh, I love a good rain storm.

(Excited about the rain storm.)
Aside from summer rain storms, I feel like I am in an adjustment period. A period of good days and bad days. Moving back to Virginia without a business to run or a job in the works has been frustrating. Andy was able to jump right into things with his business partners, while I am left sitting at home applying for jobs. One can only sit and apply for jobs for so long before one's butt gets tired and bored...if you catch my drift.

(Keeping busy with projects.)
There is some good and some bad in the adjustment period. I am trying not to let myself get stressed and frustrated about not having a job. I really want to find the right job and I am realizing that it will take time. I need to be patient. The upside of everything and the most important thing is that Andy and I are where we want to be and all of our good friends are nearby. For that I am incredibly glad! So bring on the rain storms, the friend gatherings, and the projects. I'll keep myself content while I look for the right job...lets just hope it doesn't take too long.

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