Monday, July 15, 2013

Moving Roadtrip: Death Valley

On our first day of driving from California to Virginia we hit the Death Valley. The trip started with us leaving the Bay Area and driving down through the center of California and into Nevada. The further we drove from the Bay Area, the browner the landscape became and the higher the temperatures rose. Our day had started happy-go-lucky with cool temperatures and warm coffees in our hands. By mid afternoon we hit the Death Valley and it was bad. BAD. The temperature had reached 122° F, yikes mamma!! Our air conditioning had been running full blast most of the day and when we hit the highest temperatures it stopped working. All of a sudden our vents were blowing warm air. We were hot, the dog was hot, and relief couldn't be found anywhere. We finally stopped for Dairy Queen Blizzards (of which our dog loved!) and that brought some relief. The heat was bad though, I have never experienced that kind of heat before and hope to never encounter it again. By the end of the day we had reached Las Vegas and were more than happy to enjoy the icy cold casinos with a pro-gambler friend of Andy's.

(Temperatures began to climb mid-day and hit peak at about 4pm.)

(Happy pup in the backseat.)
 (We stopped at a desert oasis for lunch.)
 (Picnic lunch with the pup.)
(We had In-N-Out burgers one last time. Delicious!)

(The lovely Death Valley. Not much to see...)
(We saw a pretty cool desert storm before driving into Las Vegas.)

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