Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Year High School Reunion

I recently received an invite to an informal 10-year high school reunion. How crazy! Has it already been 10 years?? It feels like high school was just yesterday, and in fact, I don't feel much more mature now than I was then. Is that a bad thing?

 (I was a co-senior class president. Here we are giving our graduation speech.)

A lot of people claim that they hated high school. They say that high school was a miserable time. I would have to disagree though, I loved high school. For me, high school was a time of not only learning about who I was, but having fun with it. I feel like I really came into my own person in high school and I loved every minute of it. Getting involved in a little bit of everything was my thing. I loved after school activities and was in a variety of different clubs. From plays, to track and field, to decorating for prom, I really loved it all!

(One of many senior pictures that I had taken.)

After graduating from high school and moving on to college and world travels, I decided that I wanted nothing to do with my high school class anymore. I did a horrible job of keeping in touch with friends and did my best to forget high school. I don't know why that happened, but unfortunately it did. In the last year or so something has changed. All of a sudden I am really excited for this class reunion. I have no idea what to expect of the classmates who I graduated with, but I think it will be fun to reconnect. Now that I am living in my hometown again I wouldn't mind seeing those familiar faces and reminiscing about high school.

(Waiting to give our graduation speech as senior class co-presidents.)

(* I am curious about reunion etiquette, do I bring my husband or go alone?? Any advice?)

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