Monday, June 3, 2013

Redwood Trees!

I have come to realize that the redwood trees of California are just about as representative of the state as the dramatic coast line. Really, this state does not skimp on beauty! Unfortunately these huge trees don't just line the highways, instead you have to go find them. Near San Francisco there is a national park called Muir Woods and that park is known for their redwoods trees. The famous redwood trees in Muir Woods seem to attract all sorts of hoards of tourists though. Let me just say miles of tourists! I mean they get dropped off by the bus loads, and if they drive in they park for miles and miles. Andy and I checked out Muir Woods one weekend and immediately drove away. I am not one for enjoying nature in a woods crowded with people. No thank you! So after our failed attempt to see some redwoods we did some research and discovered Butano State Park about equal distance away from San Francisco, but south rather than north. (Mill Ox Loop trail is known for redwood trees.) When we arrived at the park there was not a single soul in sight! I mean we had the whole place to ourselves. I have no idea why Muir is so crowded and Butano sits empty. No matter though, we enjoyed the large majestic trees in a quiet forest all to ourselves. They sure are beautiful trees.

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  1. This looks awesome. I'm gonna have to check it out one of these weekends. Lots of the state parks along the coast in northern cali (mendocino, etc) are practically deserted! JT and I spent a really fun week road tripping / camping up there a few years ago.