Friday, June 21, 2013

'Off-The-Grid' Food Trucks

 'Off The Grid' is a food truck organization that is scheduled throughout the week at different neighborhoods around the Bay Area. The organization works with over 150 food truck vendors, but at one time there are only about 10-15 trucks that gather. The schedules of where Off The Grid will be each week can be found on their website. Recently, we discovered that they come every Friday to the Oakland Museum, which is only about 4 blocks from our apartment. Last Friday we were finally able to check it out.

We walked over to the back side of the Oakland Museum around 7pm and things were in full swing. There were about 10 food trucks, of which 3 of them were dessert trucks! Each truck had a full line of people waiting to order their food. We walked by all the trucks to see what kind of food they had to offer, while a live reggae band played in the background. Neighbors were out with their kids and everyone was either happily munching on their food, or dancing to the music. It was a festive environment!

Andy and I both settled on an Asian garlic noodle truck. He ordered our noodles and meat skewers, while I waited in line for the creme brulee truck. I was not about to let the creme brulee truck sell out while we waited for noodles! I ordered two kinds of creme brulee to try, Lavender and The Godfather. Just when I thought creme brulee was good enough on its own, it got better. The Godfather was a chocolate whiskey creme brulee with caramel sauce and chunks of chocolate cookie. Wow, just wow!

(Our "we're bored of waiting in line" faces.)

(We took our German Airbnb'ers to experience the food trucks. They loved it!)
(We enjoyed our food on the back steps of the Oakland Museum while a live reggae band played.)

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