Monday, May 6, 2013

Foggy City

Sometimes Andy and I find ourselves driving just for the sake of driving. The Bay Are is especially good for that. I also think we have our best conversations when we are driving. Back when Andy and I lived in a group house the only place we truly had privacy (for the sake of loud conversations) was in the car. If we ever needed to fight or really discuss something we would go for a drive so that we could be as loud as we wanted without disturbing anyone. It was pretty great! So we feel quite comfortable driving in the car with each other just chit chatting away. On this particular day, we were driving and chatting when we found ourselves in Marin above the Golden Gate Bridge. We weren't driving there on purpose, we just happened upon the spot. It was pretty cool to see the bridge and city engulfed in fog on such a sunny day. I had fun imagining that all of San Francisco was experiencing dull overcast skies and fog, while we sat on top of the hill observing it all and basking in the sunshine.


  1. My husband loves to just get in the car and drive. I grew up taking trains, so it doesn't have the same allure for me. Today we drove out to Rock City for a nice hike. It was a really nice, relaxing ride (no fighting involved.. this time!)

    1. Cool, we'll have to check out Rock City! We have some German guys from Airbnb staying with us (a few weeks) and would like to take them out on the weekends to places they couldn't normally go via public transportation. Rock City may be a good one to do.

  2. The pics of the caves is only a small portion of the park. Outside of the short hike at Rock city - the park is pretty calm. Nice, but not as exciting as some of the other places within driving distance.
    A trip to lake tahoe may be a nice get away for your guests (but, its not a day trip @ 3 hrs away) or Santa Cruz .. Half Moon Bay, etc.