Monday, May 27, 2013

Coastal Strawberry Picking

Last week we had two German Airbnb'ers staying with us. They stayed for two weeks, so we got to know them well. They were a great pair of 20 year old guys curious about the US. Their first weekend with us we decided to take them out to do something that they wouldn't normally be able to experience through public transportation. The Bay Area public transit system is really great, but it doesn't allow for things like exploring coastal Highway One. So Saturday morning we loaded into the car and set out for Highway One with our final destination being an organic strawberry farm right along the coast. It was a foggy day, but lucky for us patches lifted here and there for us to see the coast. At one point we stopped and got out to admire the view. Andy and the German guys ended up finding a small trail leading down the cliff that would allow us to reach a deserted beach, so we went. We had to lower ourselves down a rope along the cliff to reach the beach, yikes! The German guys loved it! After climbing down the cliff, frolicking on the abandoned beach, and then climbing back up the cliff we continued on towards the strawberry farm. We had a lovely afternoon joking, picking strawberries, and stuffing ourselves full of the sweet red fruit. At the end of the day Andy made his mom's strawberry pie recipe and we all enjoyed healthily large slices of it. Gosh, I love strawberries, beaches, and visitors. It was a fantastic day!

Our two German Airbnb'ers

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