Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Funky Furniture: Ikea Hacks

I love anything funky and fun! Furniture has been the most recent thing that I have been pinning on Pinterest. Most of the furniture that I pin is sleek, modern, and usually of the wood/natural variety. Andy always says, 'if you see a piece of furniture that you want, let me know and I'll build it for you'. What a sweet husband, in all reality though, I don't think he would ever get around to it. So for now, I dream and I pin. Lately I have been coming across some fun furniture. People are getting creative with furniture, and not just any furniture, Ikea furniture. The great thing about Ikea is that it is inexpensive and fairly simple. Their furniture leave a lot of room for creativity. Even Andy and I have been known to create an Ikea hack. Here are some fun, unique Ikea hacks that I have found:

This is definitely different. More Here.

How original...a floating flower! I want one. :) More Here.

I think this one is called 'spider lamp'. Fun idea for alternative lighting. More Here.

I enjoy this idea for a bench. More Here.

I am not so sure about these pieces. More sculptural than usable, I think. More Here.

Ha, I love this one! How convenient! More Here.

I tell you, there are some CREATIVE people out there. Someone should come up with an Ikea Hack Museum. I would go, I may even pay a few bucks to see these creations.

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  1. When we moved in to our new place I refused to buy any new furniture. I had loads of free time so I bought some 1*4 planks at Home Depot, cut to size and glued/stained them to our existing wicker furniture to spruce it up a bit. I found a dresser on the sidewalk and turned it into a tv/entertainment stand. It was great getting my hands dirty (although my landlord must have thought I was crazy for a few weeks as I striped/sanded/stained furniture in our backyard) Almost everyday she would come down and ask " not finished yet, huh?"
    There are some really cool hacks with their shelving units I've seen floating around the web. I really like your version of that butcher block!