Monday, April 1, 2013

A bathroom tour...

What better way to start a Monday (and April!) than with a bathroom tour. I have had requests to show more pictures of our apartment, so I figured we'd start with the bathroom.

They say a house sells based on its bathroom and kitchen, and I think they are so right...whoever "they" are. We bought our house in Virginia (yes, we own a whole house in Virginia!) because the bathroom and the kitchen had just been redone. (Well, that was my interest in the house, along with price and location.) The bathroom had trendy new fixtures, and the kitchen shone white with clean new appliances...who could turn that down?!

Our bathroom here is far less impressive. We live in an older boutique building, which I love by the way. I can't stand shiny new 20 story tall apartment buildings that come with fancy amenities. I'd rather trudge up 3 flights of carpeted stairs in a building with character and the smell of history. Yes, that would be our building.

Only about 6 months before we moved in, our apartment was upgraded. They put in a brand new kitchen, fancy lighting in the bedrooms, new flooring, and freshly painted cream walls. The bathroom however, looks like it was not touched. The tiling in the shower is new, but everything else seems outdated. No matter, we decided to lighten it up with a theme of tropical bright colors.

Andy has a few paintings from Guatemala and a map of Central America that we put in the bathroom to start the theme. To match, we added bright orange towels, a colorful dotted shower curtain from Ikea, a nudie painting that I did, a glass soap dish (with olive soap) from Europe, a bamboo piece of art I picked up in Korea, some candles, and a lovely green plant. I love plants in the bathroom! It makes the room feel more tropical.

Prints of my 'Jungle Nudie' painting are available Here.

That concludes the tour of our bathroom. Do come to our apartment again!

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