Monday, February 18, 2013

Ellie-Style Backpacking

This Ellie-Style post is a little different from most. Here in California (Bay Area to be exact) there are tons of outdoor things to do. It is impossible not to spend most of your free time out in nature. Between the beaches and the mountains, the outdoor possibilities are endless. It is good to have some staple clothing items for these adventures. While I love to look pretty, I also enjoy functionality. Being outside hiking most of the day requires more functionality than pretty...but it is possible to have both! At least in my opinion. I chose a girlie pink wicking top, so that not only would I look cute, but I would have the functionality of my top wicking away the sweat and keeping me dry as I hike. My pants are light and quick dry so if I hike through a stream and get wet, they will dry quickly. They also roll up and button, so if I decide to wade into the ocean they won't get in my way. Everything else is pretty basic for hiking. Despite how far out in the wilderness I may be though, I always try to keep a feminine touch, in this case my pink top, and my pearl earrings.

What are your go-to hiking pieces? Do you try to keep femininity while playing outside, or do you let it all go out the window for the sake of necessity?


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