Monday, December 10, 2012

Tales of Flying

Andy and I just got back from a quick 3 day trip to California. (Apartment hunting.) Traveling and flying is always interesting. You meet people and have strange experiences because lets admit it, when you're traveling your are never at your best. Some quick tales of flying last week...

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  •  Tight connections meant Andy and I running frantically through the airport. Him about half an airport in front of me. Me, lagging behind tripping, dropping things, yelling at him. Yep, our typical way of catching flights.
  • One flight we were serenaded by a flight attendant singing Santa Baby over the intercom with a few advertising lines added to the song. I wonder if they paid her extra for that??
  • Another flight I had a male flight attendant (very flamboyant might I add) wink at me every time we made eye contact. He would also bring me extra snacks (peanuts and pretzels) even though I wasn't asking for them. He'd slip them to me like it was a secret...
  • One flight I was separated from Andy and my seat buddy was an overweight woman. She was very nice, kind, lovely to talk to, but was definitely sitting on HALF(!) of my seat. At one point she fell asleep, readjusted in her sleep and ended up sitting on half my lap. It was awkward and my leg fell asleep. There was nothing I could do. I was trapped between her and the window. Help?
  • During another flight I feel asleep with my hands between my knees to keep my fingers warm. While sleeping my hand twitched, then my leg twitched, in my sleepy state I thought someone was touching my leg so I jerked awake while my arms automatically started swinging. Once I fully came to, I realized it was just me and that I had made a scene for all to see. Whoops!
  • When asked for my drink order on one of the flights I said "tea". The flight attendant replied "tea?!". "Why yes" I said, "I'd love some tea." She replied again, "tea?". My response, "yes HOT - TEA if you have it, please". The flight attendant scowled and said, "hmm...". I got my tea and it was hot, so I don't know what that whole deal was about.?
  • The last flight of the trip I was entertained by yet another flamboyant male flight attendant. We were flying out of San Diego and he was definitely a surfer boy. He had sun bleach blonde hair and muscles like whoah! In fact, his muscles were so big that not only Andy commented on them, but this flight attendant's polo shirt sleeves kept sliding up over his muscles and he'd have to keep pulling the sleeves back down. What a problem to have!
Ahh the joys of flying! I thoroughly love it...and that is not a sarcastic remark.
The only photos I took while flying/at the airport. And yes, that is whole mini bottle of champagne for my mimosa.

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