Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ellie Style - Apartment Hunting

Oh, just a little Ellie-Style... I don't claim to know fashion or even dress well, but I do love clothes, I like trying to look good while being comfortable, and I enjoy being photographed. So here's some of my style.

Sweater is from a clothing swap, scarf is from Korea, blouse is from TJ Max, jeans are from Gap, shoes are from Target, and my metallic shoulder bag is from TJ Max.

Andy snapped these pictures for me in between apartment hunting in California. The weather was sunny, 60 degrees, and perfect. I can't wait to ditch the East Coast winter coat and bask in the California weather after we move in a few weeks. On a side note...I love wearing color, but most young people I saw in Oakland were dressed in dark colors. I don't know if it's a local style thing, a winter thing, a Cali thing, or what. Either way, I don't plan on ditching color for local style anytime soon.

*An update on finding an apartment in CA. Last week I had written about the competitive apartment market in Oakland. We thought we had found something that we felt good about. Well...since then, we heard that we did not get the apartment. Meaning we would have NO apartment upon moving our life in a truck out to Cali. Then, just yesterday, the rental company told us the apartment was still open after all. Saying we could have it if we wanted it. So now we are in the process of trying to finalize that before we start driving our moving truck on Saturday. Life is crazy!

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