Friday, December 21, 2012


Eggnog is one of those things that people seem to love or hate. I just happen to LOVE it! I look forward to eggnog all year long. The moment is appears on shelves in the grocery store I snatch it up.

There is something about that thick spicy creaminess that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is what marks the holidays for me. I'd love to say that Christmas trees or carols on the radio is what does it for me, but it's not. It's having a bit of white froth on the top of my lip while I glug down some cold eggnog. Oh boy, that's heaven!

While I do love the store bought stuff (I love it all!), I also enjoy making it at home. I have tried a few recipes, but this one seems to be a winner. The eggnog we made last year tasted like straight booze. While that is fun for parties, I prefer my eggnog to taste more like eggnog. This recipe calls for rum, but I only added half a cup rather than the whole cup. If it were up to Andy he would have added two cups, but this was for me not him, so we did it my way.

What I really liked about this recipe is that the eggnog is cooked. Traditional eggnog is raw, but that weirds me out when I'm the one making it. Sure I'll drink your raw eggnog, but I won't make and drink my own if it is raw...I am strange.

It was fun to make this recipe with Andy. There were just enough components that we were both busy with cooking. We went through a few different steps, but it was definitely worth the work. I think Andy even enjoyed the end product...though he added more rum to his glass.

What about you? Are you an eggnog lover or hater? Any great recipes or experiences?

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  1. I'm from England and we don't have eggnogg, the closest thing I've had is an eggnogg latte from starbucks (which I LOVED!) So I'd definitely be tempted to make some of my own, but I have no idea what it's supposed to taste like so I was waiting for someone to recommend a recipe :) thank you very much. Also, I'm hosting a giveaway and would love for you to join :) have a lovely Christmas! xx