Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ear Candling

This is something that Andy and I tried a while ago, but I am only just posting it now. My brother and his fiance are massage therapists who work in a large fancy spa. One of the treatments they do in the spa is ear candling. Not only is it popular with clients, but it is popular among the people working in the spa. My brother has been raving about this treatment, saying that we can even do it on our own. So, on a recent trip to a natural foods store, Andy and I found some ear candles and decided to give them a try. Alternatively, I have since had luck with these ear candles.

It was interesting.

You take a long waxy hollow ear candle, stick it in your ear and light the end of it. I was afraid that it would burn down really fast and light my ear on fire. Yikes! Surprisingly though, it burned quite slowly. I had nothing to worry about. The sensation was warm in my ear as it burned down, and I could hear a bit of crackling from the burning. After the ear candle is in for about 15 minutes you can take it out. We added a paper plate to the bottom of the ear candle just for safety's sake. Andy was lovely to model it for me. :)

The purpose of the ear candle is to clean the wax and bacteria out of your ears. It promotes health and wellness. Apparently, the smoke from the candle goes into your ear and creates pressure. That pressure then sucks up the wax and bacteria from your ears into the hollow tube of the ear candle. When you take the candle out of your ear you can cut it open and see the wax. It is kind of gross but interesting at the same time. I was shocked at the amount of wax debris that came out of my ears!

It is definitely a new experience to try. Hours and days after doing the ear candling I felt like I could hear better along with my head feeling more clear and alert...so very interesting!

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