Sunday, January 31, 2010

November - January Recap

I have neglected this blog, for that I am sorry. What I am not sorry for is what has been happening to cause me to neglect my blog. Oh life, and love, and travel!!

Here is a recap since my last blog:
-traveled through Mozambique with Andy and Julie. We basked on white sand beaches, cooked in outdoor kitchens, stayed in grass huts, ate mangoes upon mangoes, went snorkeling, endured 12 hour bus rides in 90 degree heat, and the adventures went on.

-Eloped with Andy (we're married!!!) Andy and I decided that planning a wedding before going to Taiwan in January would be too stressful, and waiting to have a wedding after living in Taiwan for a year would be too long to wait. So, we eloped in Tofo, Mozambique. It was perfect and wonderful. We sat in hammocks and wrote vows to each other. Then, we took a walk on the beach at sunset, found a nice spot and said our vows to each other. It was a very special and emotional time for both of us. Afterward, we went to the market and splurged on two cold beers and a chocolate bar. It was a wonderful way to get married.

-traveled to Swaziland. We stayed at a school with a bunch of volunteers, laughed late into the night with new friends, relaxed, got tested for Malaria and passed as healthy, watched the thunder clouds roll in, and enjoyed the last stop on our Africa trip.

-Flew back to the States in time for Christmas. Andy and I arrived in DC (from Africa) after a huge snowstorm, to find his old car buried under a foot of snow and not wanting to start. It was a battle to get that car dug out and working again, but after much effort we were on the road in a battered car with everything expired on it. We drove to Virginia and North Carolina to have Christmas with my family, and then drove to Texas to have Christmas with Andy's family. Driving this car was an adventure, we never knew if it was going to start, and we were always scared the cops would pull us over, but in the end it made it!

-Elopement Party. Andy and I were happy to have eloped and escaped the stress of planning a wedding, but were sad that we would not be celebrating with our friends. So, our families helped us plan an elopement party. The party was held in the Clementine's Lounge in Harrisonburg one cold winter evening. About 100 of our closest friends and some family were there to help us celebrate and give us some words of wisdom. It was a wonderful night, and we were so grateful to have celebrated with so many people.Our Families and us at the party.

-Move to Taiwan!! About three days after our elopement party, Andy and I packed up everything we owned and moved to Taiwan. It was a full two days of travel, with 4 flight connections, one delayed flight, one changed flight, a lot of luggage, and finally we arrived in Taiwan with all our luggage intact. Wow, lucky us! So here we are starting our new life together on the other side of the world. Stay tuned for Taiwan adventures!Enjoying night market cuisine.

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