Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Notes

My lovely boyfriend, Andy, left for South Africa two weeks ago. The day after he left I received a letter in the mail from him. It was a beautiful letter and at the end he said, ‘to prevent the longing that being apart brings, I have hidden notes around the house for you. One for each day that we are apart. Each note will have directions to where the next note is”. So for two weeks I have been finding these wonderful little love notes.

Today’s note read:

My Dear, you are the soy sauce on my rice. I love you. Love, Andy

How cute, I love that! It’s almost better than a love letter stating all the ways that someone is loved. Another one of my favorites is this one:

One fish, two fish, I love you fish! Love, Andy

Haha, I want to know where he comes up with these ideas. He claims that he isn’t creative, but I think this idea alone shows his creativity.

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