Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rental Cars

I still have a month until I am 25, but I have just rented my first rental car! I didn't think it was possible to rent under 25, but it is. So I rented my first car and drove down to Asheville, NC to see my mom.

The drive to get here is probably one of the most beautiful drives that I have experienced in America. It is a six hour drive among some beautiful mountains in Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. The mountains rise up on either side of the road and are so vividly green. They roll along with the road and follow it the whole way. I can't get enough of these mountains! I have spent about 12 years of my life in Virginia, so leaving these mountains will be hard. One of my favorite things to do, is drive among these green rolling mountains with my windows down, hair blowing in the wind, and Appalachian music blasting in the background. Something like Trent Wagler and The Steel Wheels. Ahh, summer in Virginia. It's wonderful!

I am at my mom's house in Ashville now and it's so great to be back here. I haven't seen my mom or Jess in close to two years. It is crazy to think how fast time passes. Anyway, I am enjoying dinners, wine, tea, and conversation on their back porch. The thunder pounds and the rain pours, but under this screened in porch everything is dry and comfortable. Time with family is a treasured thing for me. Every moment is special. :) It is so great to talk to mom about everything. Life, men, future, jobs, never ends. Sometimes I get bogged down in life and try to handle too much by myself. I often forget that I have this wonderful support of parents and family to help me out.

So back to the car rental. Now that I have rented my first car, I am on a role. I have just rented my second car online. I will pick it up next Thursday, August 13. Then, I will officially be driving to Chicago and moving there. It is a one-way trip and I am taking all of my belongings, so there will be no turning back. I have made my decision and I will stick to it. :) I am trying to get into an accelorated Masters program for teaching, but since it is last minute I may not be accepted. If that doesn't work then I will try to find a good/fun job until next fall when I will go back to school for my Masters in Teaching. Life isn't very clear at this point, but it's getting there...and a rental car will start my journey!

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