How I Lost The Baby Weight

I just want to share my story here and maybe (hopefully) help someone else. 

Before getting pregnant I felt like I was a pretty healthy person. Sometimes I went to the gym (for treadmill walking), often I ate healthy (or so I thought) and then I got pregnant. The first two months of my pregnancy I was sick as a dog! I had head cold after head cold, bronchitis that lasted for two months, and morning sickness. My body was NOT happy, I was not happy. I stopped any kind of exercise and just ate what appealed to me or whatever I could keep down. It was mostly bread, crackers, doughnuts, ramen noodles...nothing nutritious. As my pregnancy went on I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I cried for a whole day. Then I got things figured out and fixed my diet so that my blood glucose numbers would stabilize. A few weeks before I was due I was diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma). They caught it early enough that I didn't need chemo, but they did need to operate to remove the cancer. They wouldn't operate until I delivered my baby though. When my OB and Midwife got this news they were worried that the cancer could pass through the placenta to my baby, so I was induced to give birth two-weeks early.

I gave birth to my baby girl two weeks early and struggled with breastfeeding. My milk took a month to come in, and on top of that baby girl didn't know how to latch or suck properly. They said that can be a result of a baby being born early. Ugh! On top of that, I had the surgery to remove the melanoma cancer. Then, in a general check up with blood work I was told that I had pre-diabetes and high cholesterol...really?! It was a lot of STRESS in a short amount of time, along with little sleep, a horrible diet, and a husband who worked out of town during the week. Looking back at it, I don't even know how I survived. I did survive though, and came out of it a few months later weighing more than I've ever weighed, even at the end of my pregnancy. I could feel the extra weight when I walked. It completely grossed me out!

As a 2016 new years resolution I decided to go to the gym whenever I could. I had classes (was in school for pre-nursing) two days a week, so I went to the gym on those days that I had childcare and was already out of the house. I did what I've always done and walked on the treadmill for an hour. At the end of the month I had lost some weight, but not much. I still felt gross, sluggish, fat, and tired despite the baby sleeping through the night. In February I found a workout program (called 21 Day Fix) that was only 30 minutes a day, AND helped me with my nutrition through recipes and portion control. I thought I was eating healthy, but it turns out that my portions were way off. I started doing the 30 minute workouts while the baby napped and that was almost two months ago. I am now down 20(!!) pounds since New Years and I feel amazing! Honestly, I cannot say how incredible I feel now. Since getting pregnant I finally feel normal again, my clothes fit, I'm healthy, and I have energy and motivation.

It is possible to lose the baby weight and gain back your health. I feel like I am walking proof of that. I hope that my story can be a help and motivation to others out there who are struggling with weight.

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